The archaeological research which has been carried out for about 30 years now in Truso – Scandinavian trading and craft emporium, discovered in today’s Poland – has yielded an enormous number of heritage items. Main goal for Truso Association is to create legal, organizational and financial terms to build a replica of Truso emporium and recreate the conditions of everyday life in the 8th to 10th century.

Truso Association achieves its goals by promoting knowledge about Truso emporium, history, archaeology and old craftsmanship. We cooperate with scientific and cultural institutions, museums, associations and networks.

Our main goal is to build open air museum of Truso and recreate everyday life in the emporium. Our associates participate in scientific conferences, lectures and conduct lessons on different subjects like archaeology, Vikings and crafts for school children and students.  Truso Association participates and organizes various types of cultural and historical events like Night of Museums and historical festivals.