Basic informations


Truso – a settlement and port located in the Slavic-Estian borderland (present day Janów Pomorski, Poland) was until recently only known from Wulfstan’s account. Wulfstan was an Anglo-Saxon sailor and most probably a courtier of Alfred the Great, the king of Wessex (England). In the last decade of the ninth century, he undertook a sea voyage between the Danish Haede (Hedeby – now Haithabu) and the seaport of Truso, situated, as some historians and archaeologists have correctly argued, somewhere on the eastern fringe of the Vistula Delta. King Alfred included the text of his account in his Old English translation of Paulus Orosius’s Chorography.

Due to its features Truso is a great example of scandinavian ports of trade, located around Baltic Sea.

  • Location close to sea
  • Dense settlement with parcel separations
  • Port character
  • Developed craft and trade
  • Lack of agriculture and animal husbandry
  • Long distance contacts and part of network of nodal