Truso Association was founded in 1995.  Main goal for Truso Association is to create legal, organizational and financial terms to build a replica of Truso emporium and recreate the conditions of everyday life in the 8th to 10th century.

Objectives of the Association

We want to fulfil the dreams of several generations of Elbląg citizens by creating a project for a modern city.

Building a replica of Truso settlement

Our primary goal is to build a replica of the Truso settlement according to the highest standards of European open-air museums. The settlement would have a chance to become the biggest tourist attraction in the region, at the same time activating the local community.

Scientific development

The Association actively supports activities related to the scientific development of Truso through presentations at national and international conferences

Popularisation of science

As part of events organised or supported by members of the Association, we reach a wide audience with our knowledge. We take part in numerous festivals and historical festivals.

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